Parenting with a Disability

man with cochlear implant

Dear Friends:

I know from the letters I receive that many of us are parents with disabilities or parents-to-be with disabilities. Parenting is a tough job in the first place, so having a disability to boot can be very tough going. Some of us are ambivalent about even getting started, while others take a pass altogether. Don't be intimidated. People with disabilities are used to doing things differently—parenting is just another type of challenge to tackle.

However, if you are a parent with a physical or mental disability or thinking of starting a family, let the following special groups lend their help and support. Help is out there. (Some organizations also offer support for children with disabilities.)

I encourage you to continue searching for resources in your area. Look for publications. Many organizations support the needs of children with disabilities and when these children grow up, they start families! My very best wishes to you and your loved ones.

If you have any consumer inquiries regarding disability or assistive technology resources, we can help you locate solutions. Please indicate whether or not we have your permission to print your inquiry on the Internet.


Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass has pioneered clinical and supportive services, training and research serving families in which one or more members-whether parent or child-has any type of disability or medical issue. TLG also has diverse publications on parenting-related topics you may order as well as a legal program that may help if you are facing custody issue. Take a look at their publications that that include techniques and adaptations for parents with disabilities. 


Center for Rights of Parents with Disabilities
Organization dedicated to combating discrimination that impacts parenting for parents with disabilities.


Provides resources for parents with disabilities.


A Health Handbook for Women with Disabilities
Purchase, download a PDF or read online.


Disability, Pregnancy and Parenthood
Information and advice for disabled parents and professionals.  While this organization is located in the UK, you can email your order to and they will invoice you so you can then pay online. They have a nice selection of publications from "Fom Birth Onwards: A Guide for Visually Impaired Parents and Professionals" to "Supporting Parents with Learning Disabilities and Difficulties" to "One-Handed Parenting" to "Parenting and Cerebral Palsy."  


Solutions: Assistive Technology for People with Hidden Disabilities
Older publication that provides ideas for disabilities related to memory, attention, confusion, safety, task completion, socialization and others. While some of the aids mentioned may no longer be around, a little searching should get you similar products. The publication also has strategies that would be useful and don't require any special equipment.


Parents with Disabilities Online
Much of the information on this site comes from the parents with disabilities. You will find books, adaptive aids, organizations, personal stories and a blog. 


Exceptional Parent Magazine
EP provides information, support, ideas, encouragement and outreach for parents and families of children with disabilities and the professionals who work with them.