Commercial Software/Hardware and Product Guide for Parents and Educators
The following is a list of commercial vendors for your information. It is only a sampling of the many companies offering assistive technology and educational products.
A leading publisher of interactive, visually engaging health and medical information software.
Augmentative Communication, switches, switch software, environmental controls, interface devices.  Carries Intellitools products.
Designs, manufactures and distributes assistive technology for persons with disabilities.
Specialized software & hardware, screen/text enlargement program: Zoom Text
AMDi focuses on the design, engineering and manufacturing of augmentative communicators and electronic devices for governmental, medical, commercial and private customers.
Ergonomics designed computer-based office furniture, computer desks, home office furniture, electronic workbenches
Specialized software: basic skills and daily living software programs with a more mature design
Research and development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning (UDL)
Suppliers of early childhood educational toys, equipment, books, records, tapes, videos, art supplies, and teaching aids.
Develops innovative educational software and apps for learners of all abilities and with differing educational needs, including struggling readers and writers, students wtih learning or physical disabilities and English learners; Clicker 6, Write Online
Library supplies, equipment and furniture. Also has recorded webinars providing practical advice on issues facing today's libraries.
Developer of assistive technology that helps students read and write: Co:Writer, Solo 6, Start-To-Finish Books and more
Dynavox Mayer-Johnson (A Tobii Technology Company)
Dynavox Technologies offers a diverse line of speech generating devices and software, along with training and workshops offered nationwide.  They also carry Boardmaker sofware used to create symbol-based materials for students with limited reading skills.
Publisher of educational materials for all ages.
A division of Toys for Special Children, Inc., is a company dedicated to developing affordable learning and assistive devices to help people with disabling conditions.
Carries low vision and blindness products; Jaws, OpenBook, desktop, handheld and portable video magnifiers, screen magnification software, scanning and reading appliances.
Grasp Assistive Technologies
Distributes AT and serves as consulting company. Products include alternative access, eye gaze, communication, mounting systems and learning software. Check out the Quha Zono, a wireless gyroscopic mouse.  Located in Pasadena, CA
Provides products, computers, interactive white boards, mobile devices and multi-touch tables for early learning classrooms.
Supplies TTYs and other assistive devices for the Deaf community.
Carries products for visually impaired, including Victor Reader Stream, handheld and desktop magnifiers
Special educational needs software, switches and alternative computer access devices, augmentative communication aids and assistive technology for students struggling with a physical disability, sensory impairment or learning difficulty.
Infogrip is an excellent source for assistive technology, special education and ergonomic solutions. It features products that provide people with a healthier and more productive way to interact with computers.
Publishes software based on visual learning methodologies that inspire learners of all ages to brainstorm, organize, plan, and create. Products include Inspiration and Kidspiration.
Devlops assistive technology that is adaptive, flexible and intelligent.  Located at the University of Toronto.
A brand of products now carried by Ablenet.  Includes Intellikeys and Classroom Suite.
A developer of reading technology for people who are blind and for people with reading difficulties.
Tablet solution for the classroom 
TrackerPro, Screen Doors and other products now carried by AbleNet.
Mayer-Johnson (A Tobii Technology Company)
Board Maker, Speaking Dynamically Pro
Disabilities information page of Microsoft Corporation
Creator of the Stickybear software line of products
A worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of augmentative communication devices, computer access products, and other assistive technology for people with severe disabilities.
Carries Edmark Reading Program
Suppliers of early childhood educational toys, equipment, books, records, tapes, videos, art supplies, and teaching aids.
Assistive Technology, Inc. serves the disability and special education markets by providing AAC and assistive technology devices and solutions for people with special needs and for the professionals who work with them.
Cooperative learning/group learning and one computer classroom software
Note: Infinitec does not endorse or recommend the above-mentioned products and has no liability for the results of their use. Infinitec has received no consideration of any type for featuring this product on this Web site. The information offered herein is a summary; it is not comprehensive and should be carefully evaluated by consumers with the assistance of qualified professionals. The intention of Infinitec is to offer consumers a brief overview of various assistive technology devices and their applications.