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Many of us are faced with caring for an older relative, a parent, a grandparent or even an immediate member of our family. This section is a compilation of resources to assist you. 

The New Era of Connected Aging: A Framework for Understanding Technologies that Support Older Adults in Aging in Place from the Center for Technology and Aging
Focuses on telecommunications and internet-based technologies to help older adults remain indepdent in the community. Addresses caregiving and ways to provide timely and effective care and support to older adults and persons with disabilities in their homes.

AARP has a section on caregiving covering all aspects.  This link is for personal technology from high tech ways to stay healthy to 10 must-have gadgets for caregivers. Take a look at these easy-to-understand videos and simple language devoted to understanding social media and personal technology. 

Aging in Place
Be prepared for the changes in life, your health and environment.

Staying Connected, Technology Options for Older Adults from Eldercare Locator
Learn about text messaging, email, Facebook, SKYPE, and more.

Home Automation for Seniors
This guide covers technology that helps seniors live on their own more independently. The guide is easily accessible, compatible with screen reader technology, and equipped with a larger font making it very reader friendly. The guide also lists all the latest and greatest technology for seniors who wish to age in place.

University-based site dedicated to promoting aging in place and indepdent living. Serves as information clearinghouse on home modification. 

How Technology Benefits Seniors
Article discussing tech for improved quality of life and independence. Article discusses social media, travel, safety and daily health

Dedicted to helping seniors stay healthy, connected and current with today's developments. Here you will find a fraud prevention checklist and a listing of apps for emergencies, medical assistance, games and more.

Depresssion is Not a Normal Part of Growing Older
The CDC indicates depresssion can rise to 13.5% in those who require home healthcare and to 11.5% in older hospital patients.  Find out the symptoms of depression in older adults and other resources to address it.

Dementia Care Dos and Don'ts: Dealing with Dementia Behavior Problems
This blog entry presents common situations and how to deal with them.  It addresses:

  1. Aggressive Speech or Actions
  2. Confusion About Time or Place
  3. Poor Judgment or Cognitive Problems

The Guide to Overcoming Holiday Depression for the Elderly and their Caretakers
Tips and advice on how to beat holiday depression.

Health and Wellness Guide for Seniors
This site provides important ideas and additional links regarding health and wellness.  Included are the topics of diet, exercise, physical health, and mental health.



Eldercare Locator
From the U.S. Administration on Aging, search by zipcode or by the type of resource you are looking for in your community.  

Vital Connect
Uses bandaid-like wearable strips to monitor vital signs like temperature and heart rate, detect falls and other incidents.

Smartphone or tablet app that provides flexible activity reminders and planning assistance for those with cognitive impairment; remembering appointments, getting to places on time, doing tasks, taking meds.

Caregiving Cafe
This is a directory of caregiving websites and resources addressing eldercare, caregiver burnout, support, health, housing nutritionm medication, mobility, products, services, grief, blogs, forums and more. 

Caregiver's Guide: Finance Protection for Those with Alzheimer's
This site addresses ways to keep the credit and identity of those with Alzheimer's safe. 

Monitors the electrical appliances that are normally used. Alerts are given if those appliances have not been turned on or off. Appliances such as coffee makers, microwaves, TVs, lamps, curling irons, CPAP machines, garage door openers and more. No internet is required. Family members receive text messages or email notifications when changes in daily routine are cause for concern.

Lotsa Helping Hands
Provides a help calendar so you can post requests for support in a community you create. Post the best times to call or visit, and keep those in your community up to date. 

Lift Hero
Arranges door-through-door transportation and accompaniement to medical appointments.

Emergency Medical Alert System includes watch and in-home hub and activity sensors. No home internet or phone line is required.

MedCoach Medication Reminder
Free app for iOS that provides pill reminders and alerts, connects to pharmacy to refill prescriptions and lets you log the pills you take

Automatic pill dispenser with built-in cellular connections so there's no need for phone line or internet. Has locked and not locked pill dispensers. 

Connect with other activity enthusiasts in a local group; geared to 55+

Nursing Home Abuse Guide
Guide reviews different types of abuse and what to look for to prevent harm to a loved one. 

Nursing Home Abuse Support
Describes various types of abuse; emotional, elder, bedsores, injuries, Alzheimer's, assisted living, broken bones and sexual abuse. Includes a nursing home abuse hotline and information about how to prevent elder abuse. 

Products that improve daily life, including canes and accessories, bath organization and storage, pill organiziers and accessories.

An in-home medication dispensing system that reminds the user, dispenses meds, alerts caregivers before a dose time is missed and monitors adherence.

Fraud protection via a caregiver-managed debit card account with personalized spending controls and extra protection from fraud and scams.

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