Whole House Audio Frequency Inductive Loop Systems (AFILS)

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Using a whole house inductive loop system is a very efficient way for persons with hearing loss to have uninterrupted hearing in their homes, as they move to different areas (fields). Once the system is installed, users can hear the TV, stereo, even conversations at the dinner table, etc. Each area must be wired by a technician, but I've heard they're so simple many consumers set it up themselves.

The AFILS or loop system transmits to a magnetic field for hearing aid wearers that have a telecoil. The telecoil acts as a receiver; loop receivers are used for people who don't have a telecoil. Since the AFILS works directly with the hearing aid and telecoil, it eliminates the need to turn a TV or stereo up to full volume. Instead, fields are established for multiple hearing areas within a loop system. An AFILS can be heard by an unlimited number of hearing aid users, simply by turning their hearing aid to "T", without the need for additional equipment.

AFILSs can be set up at businesses or places of worship, though they are not practical for classrooms because they pick up too much noise from other nearby classrooms. (FM systems are recommended for classroom settings.)

Prior to installation of a loop system, the location is checked for significant electromagnetic interference (EMI), such as nearby power transformers or heavy equipment. Too much interference impedes an audio frequency induction loop system.



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