Publications and Resources

American Sign Language Project at Depaul University
A research project working towards the realization of a digital English to ASL translator.  The system combines computer technology and linguisitcs research to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and hearing worlds.

Books about Deaf Culture
Listing of books from the National Deaf Education Center of Gallaudet University

Books about Deaf and Hard of Hearing People, the Ear, and Hearing for Young Readers
Listing of books from the National Deaf Education Center of Gallaudet University

Consumer's Guide to Hearing Aids (AARP)
Download this PDF and get answers to many questions about hearing aids.

A Quiet World: Living with Hearing Loss (2000) by David G. Meyers.  Available on Amazon

How to Shop for a Hearing Aid (AARP)
10 Tips for choosing a good provider and the right hearing aid

Lend Me an Ear: The Temperament, Selection, and Training of the Hearing Dog (1999) by Martha Hoffman, provides very specific information about assistance dogs. Available on Amazon.

Living with Hearing Loss
This article addresses hearing loss in children and the elderly, sign language, hearing dogs, employment and a listing of charities that offer home support for the hearing impaired.

Paying for your Hearing Aid (AARP) 

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. 
An essential resource for anyone needing interpreter services. Has a searchable data base. 

Rights for Those with Hearing Loss
Reviews the ADA's guidelines and regulations outlining accommodations and rights afforded the dear and hard of hearing.


Signwriting Language
Writing system which uses visual symbols to represent handshapes, movements and facial expressions of signed language - any signed language in the world.