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Do You Qualify for Vocational Rehabilitation?
Vocational training is a great opportunity for disabled job applicants, who have become disabled due to an accident or illness, to learn a new profession. Vocational rehabilitation is facilitated through the state's Department of Human Services (or similar office). Find out if you qualify for vocational training through your state. Vocational rehabilitation involves retraining or re-education, whether through a trade school, college, or university. New training enables you to learn new skills and find a new way to remain or become self-supportive and independent. You may locate vocational rehabilitation state offices by clicking here.
Are you a veteran? The Veteran's Guide to Getting Hired has links to the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program, a one-on-one counseling program to help disabled veterans develop a resume, find a job, train for a job, make accommodations for a job, start a business, and learn to live independently.  Veterans with spinal cord injuries can participate in Operation Pave.  This program provides many of the same features, but targets veterans with spinal cord injuries, their family members and caregivers.