Job Leads
Advice For Job-seekers!

Always look for openings within your area of knowledge and experience. If you have no job experience, still look for jobs that interest you, because you'll become more involved and get promoted sooner. A good paying job that bores you quickly becomes no job.
Many not-for-profit organizations, like your local or national office of UCP, Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Federation for the Blind, Easter Seals, Multiple Sclerosis Society, or Self Help for Hard of Hearing Persons, offer programs in job readiness, skill building, and supported work environments. If you've never worked or if you need to develop office skills or job readiness, many organizations like these, or community groups, can use your help!
Here are some agencies devoted to helping people with disabilities find jobs.  
Office of Personnel Management (Federal Government)
Here is a link listing entry-level jobs.  You can search by location. 
Entry Level Jobs
Are you a veteran?  Silent Professionals lists jobs for vetted private security and miitary contractor professionals.  Job opportunities include administrative, analytical, business development, executive protection, guard operations, IT/Network, logistics, medical, private investigations, PSD-foreign and US, security management, technical, and training. 
Medical Assisting Career Options for those with a Disability
This site promotes the medical assistant career for people with disabilities.  It describes the tasks a person might do, provides examples of essential functions and the physical requirements. It discusses being sure to choose an accredited training program that enables graduates to take the AAMA or RMA certifcation exam. It links to potential employers looking to hire people with disabilities found on the Getting Hired website.