oven mitts on hands holding pie

Safety in the Kitchen

Whenever possible, wear elbow-length, flame-retardant oven mitts, particularly if you have sensory or visual problems. Otherwise, you may use regular-length, flame-retardant mitts. Avoid using a towel or pot holder to remove something from the oven because your fingers or arm may be inadvertently exposed to a hot surface.

Avoid wearing baggy clothing or loose sleeves around the burners.

Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove.

Keep flammable objects, such as paper or grease, away from stove.

Be sure to clean grease from oven and burners frequently to prevent grease fires.

Never stick a fork into a toaster to retrieve trapped toast.

Wipe up spills immediately so nobody slips and falls.

Use a stepladder only to reach something up high; do not stand on a chair, especially if you have difficulty balancing.

Make sure you have a fire extinguisher and keep it charged.

Here's a link for 28 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips.

Make sure you keep fresh batteries in your smoke alarm; check all batteries in spring and fall when you turn your clocks ahead or back one hour.