General Home Safety Resources

3M Safety-Walk™Slip Resistant Tape
Rolls and strips of specialty adhesive tapes help prevent slips and falls on all types of surfaces, indoors, outdoors, in the shower, and various floor coverings. SafetyWalk™ comes in a large variety of styles to match appropriate surfaces. Available at hardware stores and home improvement centers.


American Medical I.D.
This is a non-profit organization that provides medical identification jewelry with a number that corresponds to your complete medical file, medications, and advance directives. In a medical emergency, this quickly provides vital information to medics or other medical professionals to give prompt, precise treatment 24 hours a day.


Home Depot-Home Safety
Home Depot sells many safety products, as well as multi-media safety guides. Home Depot offers everything from first-aid kits, surveillance devices, flashlights, and more. You may also purchase books, CDs, and videos covering all types of emergency preparedness, including medical emergencies and natural emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, and hurricanes.


Safe Kids Worldwide (formerly Home Safety Council)
An excellent source of information, this national non-profit organization offers comprehensive guides to home safety for setting up safe environments for infants to through teens. The website provides shopping lists for items needed from night-lights and safety gates, to grab bars and bath mats. A medication tracker can be completed and printed out to help keep track of medications. All types of hazards and emergencies are addressed: preventing slips and falls, fires, accidental poisoning, carbon dioxide poisoning, checklists for child-proofing, and more.


This is not a Personal Emergency Response System. However, MedicAlert® stores medical records and dosing schedules for medication. If you ever become unconscious, your MedicAlert bracelet or pendent is pre-registered with the MedicAlert Call Center so paramedics and medical personnel can obtain your medical records immediately. Service is available 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world.


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