Hiking and Biking
Fresh Air, Sunshine, and a Hike
Get a hold of a mobility map from your local forest preserve or nature trails. Not all have mobility maps, but most forest preserves have some paved paths and picnic areas. Your local bureau of tourism can help you locate paved or accessible areas. Or, consider one of America's 375 national parks. More paved paths were added to national parks since the passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; guidelines for recreation areas continue to be refined each year by the Access Board. Park volunteers assist visitors in any number of ways, and some speak foreign languages or use American Sign Language.
Adapted Bicycles
People with leg weakness may still be able to ride a bike, albeit an adapted bike. Are you aware of hand-cycles that you power with your arms and hands instead of your legs? Recumbent bicycles are also a good option, especially because it's a whole lot easier to stay in the seat, as well as maintain balance. Speaking of balance, tricycles are made for adults in very slick-looking models these days. Bicycles are even custom-made at a lot more places. The only drawback may be the price tag but being able to ride a bicycle is priceless to a lot of people, including parents of special needs children.
If you're interested in exploring the possibility of using an adapted bike, look on the Internet under "adaptive bicycles" and try to find a shop near you. Be persistent in your search because, as you'd expect, they're much less common than regular mainstream bike shops. Ask about adapted bicycles at larger bicycle dealers as well. When you find a place near you, go and visit with a friend and keep an open mind—just have fun, whether peddling or looking!

Products and Services

Access to Recreation, Inc.
1(800) 634-4351 telephone
One of the largest and nicest collections of adapted sports equipment and assistive recreation tools such as for gardening, cycling, home exercise machines, aids to daily living, gloves and cuffs, cushions, bath and shower, wheelchair ramps and more. 


Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (Formerly Courage Center)
Provides sports and recreation programs including Handcycling. 


Cycling Aids for Arm Amputees from the National Amputee Centre
Informative flyer, plus additional adaptations for lower limb amputees


Creative Mobility
Seating, adaptations and modifications are only part of the services; all types of adapted bicycles available including hand powered bikes, adaptive trikes, and tandems. 


Trikes and Cycling for Disabled Children and Adults
Carries adult, industrial, low frame and BMX trike.


High Performance
Handcycling, wheelchair racing and court sports equipment.  Also has a 12 week training program for hand cycling.


US Hand Cycling Federation
Outings, events and the promotion of handcycling in recreationn.


Intrepid Cycles
Offers hand cycles and recumbent cycles and extended cycle rides in San Diego each week.  Call 858-324-1848.


Provider of upper and lower limb prosthetics as well as information for new amputees, myoelectrics, choosing and working with a prosthetist and more.


Carries sports and recreation products for amputees