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Adaptive Telephones

The 21st century offers consumers many choices in communication. Telephones alone range from analog to digital, speakerphones to large button, and even flashing-light telephones. Some telephones talk and some type, as in TTY devices. They run on traditional networks or via cable networks, satellite, and over the Internet. We even can make cross-continental calls to China via our computers.

Telephone features also have been enhanced to serve most anyone. For instance, talking caller I.D serves both visually or mobility-impaired users. Today is the day of custom communication, so don't be afraid to ask questions to take advantage of all your options.

Devices for consumers with blindness or visual impairments range from screen-readers and magnifiers to talking telephones and dialing accessories, talking note takers and data assistants, video magnification products, closed-caption television sets, and voice caller ID units.


Choosing a Cell Phone
Video covers accessibility of cell phones.  Created by the American Foundation for the Blind in Huntington, WV.


Access to Emergency Information

Broadcasters and cable operators must make local emergency information accessible to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing, and to persons who are blind or have visual disabilities.  Emergencies include weather situations or community situations such as school closings, discharge of toxic gases, power failures and others. Click here for more about this topic.


Just whistle

. . . or speak, make a sound, or use a switch to dial, answer, or hang up your telephone. Ablephoneproduces several types of voice activated telephones for people with limited mobility or vision impairment. They also have a rescue alarm designed to dial the emergency number of your choice and be operated by personal assistance dogs.


Assistech Special Needs
Carries telephones for the blind/low vision


Many models of adaptive phones to meet your needs.


Independent Living Aids, LLC
Has products to adapt your cell phone like magnifiers, or giant button phones for low vision or braille speakerphones and more.


Cell phones and service for the blind and persons with low vision. 


A line of smartphones and mobile apps specially desined for the visually impaired. 

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