Speech Recognition and Word Prediction

Speech recognition has come a long way.  Talking to machines is everywhere now; on business phone menus, on smart phones, built-in to computer products like Microsoft Word.  Nuance carries speech recognition software for the Mac and PC, and apps for mobile devices.  Dragon Naturally Speaking software from Nuance lets you dictate documents, search the web, navigate the computer, open and close applications, send email and more. 


Word Completion and Word Prediction

Word completion is commonly seen on smart phones.  As the user starts to type a word, the application offers words that the user is trying to type.  Word prediction programs take it a step further and "predict" a word that might come next in the sentence.  Often the term word prediction is used for both processes.

Co:Writer from Don Johnston is word prediction software that works with other applications like Microsoft Word, web browsers, Google docs, blogs, email and more.  Co:Writer is also available as an app for iOS devices.

Read&Write Gold from TextHelp is a toolbar that includes word prediction plus reading, writing, studying and research support tools. A form of Read&Write is available for Google docs through the Chrome browser and iOS devices. 

WordQ provides in-context word prediction and spoken feedback. A trial can be downloaded here. Adding SpeakQ provides speech recognition. WordQ is available to work with the Chrome browser and both items are available for iOS devices.

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