Mobility Resources

Large variety of walking sticks and walking canes including folding canes, hiking canes, antique canes, wooden walking sticks for men and women.


100+ Resources, Tips and Discounts on Mobility and Accessibility Products for Seniors and the Disabled
his is a list of products and new technology for mibility and accessibility, plus discounts on these when available.  Includes is a section of financial aid options available for those with disabilities when it comes to renting or pruchasing durable medical equipment (DME). 


Provider of medical, healthcare and ergonomic products. Carries wheelchairs including transport chairs and specialty chairs, wheelchair essentials including cushions, walker, canes, crutches and more. 


Allegro Medical 
This catalog house carries all types of rehabilitative and therapeutic equipment for consumers and professional therapists.


Amigo Mobility International
Amigo is the pioneer of scooters—the first company to produce them, as well as motorized shopping carts in grocery stores. Amigos are sturdy, break down for travel, and come in a variety of models. Acceleration is achieved by pulling a throttle-lever towards you; rather than pushing a throttle lever with the thumb. It's a matter of preference and in some cases, manual dexterity.


Assistech, Inc.
Mobility canes for persons who also have blindness or low-vision. A big variety includes rigid or collapsible canes, and accessories. Also products for all types of disabilities.


Disability Friendly Personal Mobility Aids
Carries a power, foldable wheelchair that weighs only 50 pounds. Supports passengers up to 265 pounds and has been cleared by the FDA as a medical device.


Fact Sheet on Scooters from Abledata
Fact sheet includes features and components of scooters, factors that determine whether a scooter is appropriate as a mobility aid and other considerations in scooter selection. 


Fashionable Canes
This company offers a wide variety of canes, including floral, wooden, compact and extra strength.


Invacare Homecare
Carries scooters, seating and positioning equipment, wheelchairs, personal transporters, lifts, beds and more.


Pride Mobility Products Corp.
Carries scooters, power chairs, auto wheelchair lifts and more.


Thomas Fetterman, Inc. 
This company builds strong, high-quality, titanium custom forearm crutches in every color imaginable. They were even selected by a U.S. president, following an injury. They're lined with leather pads for comfort and will never break. Cost is usually covered by insurance. This editor used a nice pair of red titanium crutches for years. Mr. Fetterman will tell you when you call to stay vertical!


Pride Mobility Products
Pride manufactures many types of mobility devices, including scooters, standard wheelchairs, and lift-chairs. The most popular indoor scooter is the Pride Sundancer, and the most popular outdoor models are the Pride Celebrity and Pride Rally.



Wheelchair Manufacturers

Here are a few big names in wheelchair manufacturers. You can take a peek at some of the latest offerings on their Web sites:

Everest & Jennings - Graham Field

Invacare, is an established manufacturer of power and manual wheelchairs. They also carry transfer equipment and beds.


Sunrise Medical


Choosing a Wheelchaira Guide for Optimal Independence, by Gary Karp. Available on Amazon or your local bookseller (ISBN #1-56592-411-8). In very clear language, this guide explains in detail, every aspect of a wheelchair, both manual and motorized. A must have for anybody buying their first wheelchair or their third! 


A Guide to Wheelchair Selection: How to Use the ANSI/RESNA Wheelchair Standards to Buy a Wheelchair (the Consumer Reports of wheelchairs), available from the Paralyzed Veterans of America, a booklet written for consumers. 1(800) 424-8200 (Approximately $19.00)


Guide to Wheeled Mobility Manual Wheelchairs, Power Chairs and Mobility Scooters from AbleData 


Disabled Dealer Magazine
Lists used vehicles and wheelchairs.


New Mobility Magazine
Covering every aspect of disability, including product reviews.


Otto Bock Healthcare
Rehabilitation equipment—prosthetics and orthotics, seating support for wheelchairs, etc.


United Spinal Association
Free publications including Canes to Wheelchairs: Mobility Alternatives. Strong adocacy group for civil rights and independence for people with disabilities.


Wheelchair Gear
Well designed by wheelchair users—backpacks, mini-packs, and other useful gear.


Sells wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, cushions, specialized wheelchairs and more.


Internet Shoppers Be Careful!

Once you know the wheelchair you wish to buy, you may be tempted to shop online where you'll see very low prices. But be cautious: even when stated, "we provide service for the life of your wheelchair", that's not always possible. Online companies generally sub-contract repairs out to local vendors, but if they can't find one near you, they have to ship. Then the customer sometimes pays the freight and repair charges.

Also, it's not safe to assume you can bring your Internet-purchased wheelchair to any local vendor for repairs. There is a shortage of vendors, period, and some won't repair a wheelchair they didn't sell you. Therefore, always shop for service along with your wheelchair. It's vital. Sometimes it's actually worth paying the higher price to a reliable, storefront vendor who handles all aspects of sales and service.


Claiming to handle the insurance-end of your purchase can give the false impression that the company will handle everything (and hopefully, some do). So don't be impressed—all companies must process insurance forms nowadays in order to remain competitive, and get paid!


Maintenance Tips
When your custom wheelchair finally arrives:

Make sure everything is adjusted to your liking.

Continue getting repairs and adjustments as needed.

Try to find an inexpensive, second wheelchair so you're never stranded. 


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