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A train is a popular transportation option because you can find breathtaking views from the tracks.  For accessibility and other information, visit the Amtrak website.  Here you will find information on making reservations, station accessibility, traveling with a companion or attendant, wheeled mobility device services, use of oxygen equipment, service animals, meal services and accessible thruway bus service.

If you are planning to travel abroad, visit the VIA RailCanada site or this link for a list of participating countries and railways with Eurail.  Services vary in Europe; you will need to check with individual countries regarding special train compartments for wheelchairs, lifts or mobile ramps to access trains, assistance boarding or accessible toilets.

Buses (Greyhound)

Provides boarding and de-boarding assistance, luggage, transfers and stowage and retrieval of wheeled mobility devices during transfers, meal and rest stops and as needed.  Contact the Disabilities Travel Assistance line at 800-752-4841 before travel with questions. When booking in a terminal, notify the ticket agent if you need assistance and if you will be traveling in a wheeled mobility device. When booking online, self-select as a passenger traveling ina wheeled mobiity device if appropriate. If booking over the phone, tell the customer services rep you are traveling with a wheeled mobility device. Arrive on time. Inform Greyhound employees and contractors of your needs during your trip. For other questions, see their Customers with Disabilities site. 


Traveling with Your Eyes Shut Series
8 part series from Large Print Reviews that provides tips on traveling if you are visually impaired. See the following for info about train and bus travel or click the link above for the full series.


Traveling with a Guide Dog

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Train Travel


Siren Detectors for Cars

A siren detector electronically detects the high decibel sound waves of an ambulance or fire truck for a driver with hearing loss or deafness. To find out where to get a siren detector or for other types of automobile modifications, contact NMEDA (National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association) at (800) 833-0427 to locate a dealer near you.