adapted fishing lure
Fishing is one of the easiest sports to adapt. Once you're situated in the right boat, you may need to modify your fishing reel or rod in order to effectively grasp and use it. Here are examples of possible adaptations:
People with upper extremity weaknesses can use an electric reel with one-handed fingertip control. They function just like regular standard reels, except they're battery powered.
Upper extremity amputees can use the Ampo Fisher I, designed specifically to fit quickly and easily into the prosthetic device . It's versatile and works well with almost any fishing reel for both left and right-handed fishermen and women.
For people with difficulty grasping, several simple, inexpensive devices will help hold a fishing rod more securely: a metal hook that attaches directly to the handle of any lightweight rod, which is then secured with a velcro strap (made by Innovator of Disability Equipment Adaptations, Inc.).
A homemade device using a medical glove and velcro straps is another alternative for the quadriplegic angler.
The Strong-Arm rod holder attaches securely to the wrist to provide additional support for the rod.
A Fish Winch electric spinning reel allows for easy one-handed casting and retrieving. 
Splints can be used for even greater stability; splints come in various sizes for use on either hand.
Harness rod holders can be used by hemiplegics or single-arm amputees for rod stability, such as the Freedom Recreation Belt. Various models are made to secure the rod and free up a hand for reeling.
Attachable rod holders fit directly onto a wheelchair or the side of a boat. Shop around for the right size, functions and price.
Individuals with severe upper extremity disabilities may have a difficult time while casting. Van's E-Z Cast is a popular mechanical casting device designed by a quadriplegic. It activates with very little upper-body movement.
There is a wide variety of fishing tackle available, some designed specifically for fishing with a disability and some for convenience, including heated rod handles, "no-knots" fishing hooks, line threaders, fish grapplers, cuffed cutting tools, and even a battery-operated, motorized bobber.

Fishing Hole Accessibility
Unless you have a wheelchair accessible boat, you'll need to locate accessible fishing locations. Contact your state's Fisheries Division of Natural Resources or Fish and Game Department. 


Products and Services

Access to Recreation
Tons of adaptive sports equipment.  Look under Equipment for Outdoor Activities for Fishing equipment.


Anchors Aweigh Charters
Provides no cost fishing charters to those with permanent physical and/or developmental disabilities as well as those diagnosed with a terminal illness. 


Adapted Sports Center of Crested Butte
The Adaptive Sports Center (ASC) of Crested Butte, Colorado is a non-profit organization that provides year-round recreation activities for people with disabilities and their families.


Fishing Has No Boundaries, Inc. for Anglers with Disabilities
Has chapters all over the country, hosts fishing events (featuring many different types of fishing) for the disabled angler. Chapters are located in NY, LA, IA, CO, WI., MN, IL, Ohio, IN, WY., SD, and AZ.


HandiCAPABLE Guide Service, Inc.
HandiCAPABLE Guide Service, Inc provides the developmentally delayed and physically challenged youth and adults in Kentucky and surrounding states with the opportunity to experience the thrills and challenges of boating and fishing excursions and other forms of outdoor recreation. Volunteers staff.


National Ability Center
NAC offers a broad range of sports programs and outdoor activities for individuals with both physical and developmental disabilities. With an emphasis on safety, education and, of course, fun, the Ability Center strives to identify and develop year-round recreational opportunities that might otherwise be inaccessible and unavailable to special populations. Through the use of adapted equipment, trained instructors, volunteers, and specialized techniques, the Ability Center helps to facilitate athletic endeavors and encourage physical activity. Family and friends are encouraged to share in the fun.


Paralyzed Veterans of America National Bass Tour
Fishing events sponsored by Paralyzed Veterans of America


Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, Inc.
Organization dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of disabled active military service personnel and disabled  veterans through fly fishing, associated activities, eduction and outings. 


Carries sports and recreation products for amputees


Wilderness Inquiry
Provides opportunities for urbanyouth, families and people with disabilities to discover and share outdoor experiences.

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