container garden
Container Gardens
If a raised bed sounds too large or too expensive, there are no limits to the variety of containers available for a container garden. Choose from numerous shapes and styles in terra cotta, lighter plastics, ceramics, cedar, redwood, oak whiskey barrels, empty paint buckets, window or trellis boxes, stairstep planters, cement troughs, empty tires, or boxes hung from chains.
Then place containers on stairs and plant stands, shelves, windows or anywhere you'll have good access to them. Hang baskets on pulleys to move them up and down easily. Choices are limitless—use your imagination! A large variety of flowers, herbs and vegetables grow very well in containers. Start with flowers or a couple of tomato plants—whatever you like. Just be sure to follow directions for care, exposure, and water requirements. Use cages, stakes, or trellises to support growth as needed, and use extra mulch to retain water.